I learned from my dad that the most important part of being a dad is finding common ground and interests with your kids. Skiing, camping, rick climbing and general horsing around was a huge part of that for us. The Gizzard Stone is a website I’ve created that’s dedicated to those common interests.

When I was a kid my parents liked to show me cool stuff. Books. Movies. Real life stuff. Things that were neat, things that made you think about how the world works and how we interact with and enjoy the natural and man made environments and objects in it.

Me and BowieMy mom told be about gizzard stones. The rocks that birds sometimes swallow to help them chew stuff up. I thought that was kinda weird, but memorable. Then I learned about Gastroliths. The same thing, but for dinosaurs. You can find them and hold in your hand something that was once inside a dinosaur. That lead to copralytes, and tube worms, and really fast cars, and stop motion art projects, and shrimp running on a tread mill.

The web is a big confusing place. Make sense of it with your kid.

The mission of The Gizzard Stone is to catalog, categorize and tag things that will be awesome to share with our kids and things that will enhance the time we spend with our families.

Check this out!

-Mike Henderson