Roof Boxes for Overlanding

So there are two schools of thought on how you can pack gear into, or in this case, on TOP of your truck for overlanding. First, and what seems to be most common, is to use a flat rack and cases and strap all your gear and tools there on top. Second, and the method […]

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Video Blog: Super Shovel by Krazy Beaver

If you’ve never spend an afternoon digging a truck out of mud, sand or snow, you might be wondering why so many 4x4s have shovels clipped to the roof or bumper. It might seem like just another dirtbag gewgaw, hood ornament or bumper sticker. Well, as most of us know when you need a shovel […]

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Reno from Top of Hunter Lake Jeep Road

Local Adventures: Hunter Lake Jeep Trail

It’s probably a common anxiety dream. You are at school, or work, or the local grocery store, or just at home. But it doesn’t look like home. You discover some secret wing, department, corridor that you never knew was there that opens up a frightening, or maybe even magical and exciting new world that was […]

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How to make Barista quality coffee when you’re camping

Birds are singing, tin pots are clanking and the air is cool. It’s the magic hour at the campground. 7 AM. Kids are still asleep. The noisy neighbors who were shooting fireworks haven’t woken up from their Natty Ice induced coma and the RVers haven’t arisen to turn on their generators and electrify their toasters for […]

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Family Photo in Dedeckera Canyon

Death Valley Overland Adventure Part 3: Lippincott Mine Road, Steele Pass and Dedeckera Canyon

Where you are, who you’re with, how you got there and where you’re going. Every once in a while you you get complete alignment of uncompromising awesome. Such was life on Lippincott Mine Road in Death Valley National Park one day earlier this spring. Who we were with This was an awesome family overlanding trip. […]

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Racetrack Playa Stones

Death Valley Overland Adventure Part 2: Ubehebe Crater, Teakettle Junction and Racetrack Playa

Exploring the rugged road thought Titus Canyon and visiting the ghosts in Leadfield wasn’t adventure enough for one day (see Death Valley Overland Adventure Part 1: Bailey’s Hot Springs and Titus Canyon). After hitting the asphalt of Scotty’s Castle Road we soon found ourselves at the north end of Death Valley National Park staring into […]

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Camping and Off Road Cargo Trailers

Time was a Subaru was plenty of space for us. Then we got a dog, and later, two little beings that smell as bad but require far far more equipment. With a family, we require a bit larger footprint, though we’re still pretty minimal by most standards. While our 4Runner with Yakima SkyBox got us through […]

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Death Valley Overland Adventure Part 1: Bailey’s Hot Springs and Titus Canyon

For spring break this year we went on a overlanding adventure in Death Valley National Park. There were two 3rd generation Toyota 4Runners, 4 adults, 3 little boys and 2 dogs. We did almost 200 miles of dirt driving and two nights spent dry camping in the remote north end of Death Valley National Park. […]

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Lagomarsino Petroglyph Overland Excursion

TL,DR: The Lagomarsino Petroglyph site is easy to get to if you have a proper 4 wheel drive vehicle. It’s about 9 miles out Lousetown Road from SR 341 (Geiger Grade Road) Near Virginia City in Storey County, Nevada. Thousands of petroglyphs, lots of mud, your phone won’t work, don’t mess around in mines, pack […]

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Centriphone: Amazing Super Slow Mo Skiing Video from Swinging iPhone

There’s creativity and then there’s this. Check this out and build stoke for skiing this weekend! -M

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