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Don’t believe Neil Tyson or B.o.B. Calculate the Circumference of Earth with Your Pen Pall.

OK, so it has come to my attention that the great Neil deGrasse Tyson has engaged on twitter with a recording artist called B.o.B. about whether the Earth is flat or spheroidal. Which is simultaneously the reasons why love and hate Twitter. I won’t go into why B.o.B. thinks what he thinks, or how he […]

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Nevada Overlanding in a gen 3 Toyota 4Runner

Jumbo Grade: The Hard Way to Virginia City, NV

So I recently got my dream car: a 1999 Toyota 4Runner SR5 4-Wheel-Drive thanks to a texting driver who pulled out in front of me while I was driving my 2003 Subaru. Long story short: I got back into the 4×4 business! I’ve wanted one of these since I was in high school. Now I […]

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Exploring Green Lake

Backpacking with kids

When John Muir went out to explore the Sierra Nevada mountains more than 100 years ago, he did it on foot carrying as little food as some tea and biscuits for multi-day treks over high alpine peaks. He slept under the stars, without a tent, without a sleeping bag, without polarguard delta or primaloft or […]

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Shredding with your kid

The best thing about being a kid is shredding with your dad. All my life, from the time I could walk, to this very day, I’ve been hiking, skiing, riding, climbing and adventuring with my dad. Stoked to be doing the same with my boy now. Here’s a video Andy and Charlie from How To […]

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Trail Riding on a Strider Bike

Strider Bike Racers

My son and his cousin love their Strider Bikes. And my dad is teaching them to race. Strider Bikes The Strider Bike is an awesome product. It’s the only toddler running bike that I’ve seen that is adjustable for 1 year olds and 3 year olds. I wrote a review of Strider’s pedal-less kick bikes […]

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What to wear to a monster truck show

I’m all for being a proud dad, but you can’t take a diaper bag to a monster truck show. In that snarling, spark spewing, ripped t-shirt wearing melee of fuel and dirt and cotton candy, there is no room for a murse. If I had the biceps I would have rolled a diaper up in […]

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How great parents make great athletes

This was a good morning for being a dad up early reading stuff on the internet and watching the sun rise. Also for coffee, but then every morning is great for coffee. When I was a kid I spent a lot of time skiing, hiking, climbing and riding bikes with my dad. This is of […]

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Teaching Your Kid to Ski: Virginia Lee Burton Method

This ski season, though the driest on record for Tahoe ski resorts, has been the best ski season of my life. Last year I got some tips on teaching toddlers to ski from my friend Kevin, who has two kids a little older than mine who are ripping big time this year, and my dad, […]

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Reading List: The Wonder of Snow

I’ve always loved snow. It’s magical surface to walk through, sculpt, slide across and eat by the handful. My son loves snow too and as it falls and we explore the ranch we live on I see him discover and experience the wonder of snow the way I remember it. It’s wonderful to see. It’s […]

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Cool Places: Incline Lake Nevada (#Tahoe)

It was cold in the trees as we tromped through the snow. I carried a backpack, a sled dangling from one hand and my son stepping carefully down the crusty snow holding onto the other. We stopped at the edge of the trees above the dry basin of the small lake. I dropped the foam […]

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