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Year of The Dragon

For about 1.35 billion people, or just over 1 in 7 people on the planet, 2012 is the Year of The Dragon. Every year, at the start of the Lunar New Year, or the time when the moon has completed 12 phases and begins a new set of 12 phases, the Chinese name the year […]

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Nail Houses: Defending your land

They say a man’s home is his castle, but sometimes you have to give up on the dream. The other day I found this thread on Nail Houses on Quora. Nail Houses are houses or buildings in the middle of new development. The owners of the Nail Houses are determined to stay in their home […]

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The orange glow od the Pakistan India Border

A Thin Orange Line Between India and Pakistan

The places between one country and the next can be interesting places. Like with the border between Mexico and the United States, the border between the countries of India and Pakistan is well protected. So well protected in fact that the resulting security measures are visible from the International Space Station about 330 Kilometers away.

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Amtrak in winnemucca


It was another warm night where I live in Reno. People move outside when it isn’t cold. We look at the stars, sit by fires, tell stories and howl at the moon. Sitting by the fire my dad and I listened to the neighborhood coyotes swap calls with the neighbors and the neighbors dogs.

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blue jean pajamas

Blue Jean Pajammas

Finally something awesome for dad that doesn’t come in Kid sizes! Pajamas printed in Denim Blue Jean design with rips!

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Look Ma! No Hands! (or arms)

Think you need your arms to be remarkable? Not everyone does. Check out this dude who is on the USA Archery team and has no arms. Matt has never let his physical impairment stop him from doing anything he’s wanted to do, including playing guitar and learning to eat with his feet. He is an […]

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neuron and universe


Here’s a clipping from the New York Times. It shows scans of a neuron from a mouse’s brain, which are a lot like those in a human brain, compared to what scientists predict the Universe looks like on a vast scale.

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Biggest Legends of The West in One Photograph: Fake or Real?

Ran across this image of some of the most amazing legends of the west taken together in 1883 at Hunters Hot Springs in Montana.

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Pirate Bedroom

This is an amazing example of a “fort.” My forts, and the forts I build for my son, with their pillow walls, and slumping blanket roofs, pale in comparison. Click through to the source link for more images of this pirate ship fort.

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Gizzard Stone Guide to Translating Foreign Animal Noises

Ever notice that sometimes a dog will say, “ouah ouah” instead of, “Woof Woof?” For whatever reason, we teach children animal sounds, and for whatever reason, children love looking at photos of animals and making silly noises. In the video above you see that different languages interpret the language of dogs quite differently, but cats a […]

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