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Running Without Falling Down

I think it was driving a car that first got him thinking about the difference between being a kid and being a grown up with a drivers license. I don’t know if all kids love cars or if they love motion and the idea of controlling their own direction and by seeing the white lines […]

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Skiing With My Dad

We were on our way to Winter Park. The year was 1984 or 1985. Flying up interstate 70 in the Honda for the first day of Eskimo Ski Club. Kids came in busses from all over Colorado. Some parents even put their kids on trains which rolled to within sight of the lift to send […]

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A Tooth Brushing Adventure

The Mission Impossible theme plays as we run through the house. Hiding behind the big red chair, ducking under the table, slinking along the wall to cut the angle and make ourselves less visible. We move stealthy. We make it through the TV room, into the back bathroom and shut the door just in time… […]

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