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Time Lapse Tuesday: Mt. Bromo Volcano

Found this awesome time lapse of the volcano Mt. Bromo in East Java Indonesia. This video by Justin Ng has some great star and milky way time lapse motion clips and some awesome shots of the volcano that look like nothing I’ve seen on this planet. Mount Bromo HD from Justin Ng Photo on Vimeo. […]

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Kilauea Lava Flow (Video)

American Lava. from AJRCLIPS on Vimeo. Another video from AJRClips on Vimeo (See the Star Trails Time Lapse from the International Space Station from Yesterday here). This video is from the Kilauea Volcano in Hawaii. Kilauea is a shield volcano that spews out lava in globs, rivers and hot glowing ropey goo balls. Shield Volcanoes […]

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Ubehebe Crater

We had been driving for hours. The dirt road ground by under the tires of the Bronco. We had music on the tape player, and I tried not to fall asleep against the door for fear of being smacked awake as the truck slid through another washboard corner. I did fall asleep though, the stars […]

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Baffin Bay, Canadá (NASA Terra-Modis)

A Trip to Baffin Island

Baffin Island: A Skier’s Journey EP2 [Season 2] from Jordan Manley Photography on Vimeo. This is a video produced by Jordan Manley Photography which follows 5 skiers on a spring time trip the the  Fjords of Baffin Island, Canada.

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New volcanic island in the red sea

Submarine Volcanic Island Formation

On December 23rd of last year a new island formed in the Red Sea when a volcanic eruption spewed lava, steam and ash into the air. Two separate NASA satellites observed the event and snapped some pretty good photos of it. Click the photo for the before and after image sequence showing an island where […]

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klerksdorp sphere

Strange Spheres from Earth?

Sometimes the strange things fall from the sky, sometimes we dig them up in mines. The plots of our favorite science fiction movies get more and more plausible the more you know. This week I’ve got some Klerksdorp Spheres for you. The 3 billion year old carbonate concretions are almost perfectly formed spheres or disks […]

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The Volcanoes of 2011

Check out this incredible gallery of volcano images from 2011:

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Virginia earthquake waves ripple across the US!

This is incredible and really shows how vibration waves work. -M What you’re seeing here are vertical displacement measurements from an array of detectors that are part of the USArray/EarthScope facility you can read more about the array and the animation on the IRIS website. These are very sensitive instruments; note the scale on the […]

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Ice in nature

Water is pretty important to humans. While we see rain all the time, and snow some times, large scale ice formations like glaciers and ice bergs are not so common. So much so that the forms seem alien, and unnatural to most of us. They sure are beautiful!   ICE – Berg on Photography Served. […]

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Eruption of Mt. Shinmoedake, Japan

check out this video of a volcano erupting for the first time in 300 years! More info Source: Adventure Journal Wikipedia LA Times Types of Volcanos Challenge There are 4 different kinds of volcanos. Cinder Cones, Composite Volcanos, Shield Volcanos, and Lava Domes. Which kind is Mt. Shinmoedake? What other volcano of this type recently erupted […]

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