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The perfect birthday cake

How To Be A Perfect Mom

Step 1 Ask your kid to draw the ideal birthday cake Step 2 Nail it. Source: MarryHumpsRowdy on Reddit

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The Munvher Hand puppet video

The Muncher

This is funny. That’s all… The video is titled: “Hand swallowing cars and traffic.” I call it The Muncher. Brilliant stuff. -Mike

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Trail Riding on a Strider Bike

Strider Bike Racers

My son and his cousin love their Strider Bikes. And my dad is teaching them to race. Strider Bikes The Strider Bike is an awesome product. It’s the only toddler running bike that I’ve seen that is adjustable for 1 year olds and 3 year olds. I wrote a review of Strider’s pedal-less kick bikes […]

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One Man Bands

I’ve been tracking this phenomenon on YouTube for a few weeks since I saw a great one man band video pop up on Laughing Squid or some similar blog. I’ve always loved the one man band for the sheer entertainment value of a performer talented enough to do more than one thing at once to […]

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3 Weird Robots

Here are three strange little robots named and modeled after real organisms that might seem on the surface to be pointlessly weird, but all three were developed to mimic nature and serve a purpose. The Sand Flea: A Jumping Robot The Sand Flea is a tiny 4 wheeled Robot built by Boston Dynamics that moves […]

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Why Will It Blend?

A few years ago Tom Dickson of Blendtec blenders started a great video series called Will It Blend showing off the prowess of their product by blending common household items. It’s a great little glimpse into the world of what if. My favorite is the glow stick episode. Why it blends Well, Waring Blenders has […]

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What to wear to a monster truck show

I’m all for being a proud dad, but you can’t take a diaper bag to a monster truck show. In that snarling, spark spewing, ripped t-shirt wearing melee of fuel and dirt and cotton candy, there is no room for a murse. If I had the biceps I would have rolled a diaper up in […]

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3D Nebula

From here on earth the night sky seems like a distant flat surface painted with countless glowing specks of light. The reality, as we know, is that space is three dimensional. Stars that form the constellations, like the big dipper, are not aligned in a convenient plane that forms a somewhat familiar object. If you […]

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Assumptions and Perspective

The way we see the world depends on our perspective. For example, check out this little optical illusion video from Richard Wiseman. How big or small something appears relative to other things depends greatly on it’s position relative to others, and, most importantly, to your eye balls. For the above illusion to work at all, […]

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Playlist: John Denver All Aboard

It’s ok to admit you still like John Denver. [Here’s more info on coming to terms with your love of John Denver Music.] Anyway, was over at my sisters house the other day and she had All. I. Can. looping on the TV and John Denver’s All Aboard album looping on the stereo. All Aboard […]

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