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Playlist: John Denver All Aboard

It’s ok to admit you still like John Denver. [Here’s more info on coming to terms with your love of John Denver Music.] Anyway, was over at my sisters house the other day and she had All. I. Can. looping on the TV and John Denver’s All Aboard album looping on the stereo. All Aboard […]

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Songs of the West Volume 4

Playlist: Songs of the West Volume IV

Can you hum the theme from The Magnificent 7? Well it’s a father’s duty to not only instill this ability in his sons but also to give them an understanding of the gravity and  importance of that ability as well as an appreciation for western cowboy culture and the legends of the west. It’s less […]

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Playlist: Louis Prima

In my never ending struggle to align my 20 month old son’s music taste with my own and avoid We Sing In Silyville as long as possible, I search my iTunes library and CDs for artists, tracks and albums that I love, and that i think HE will love.

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