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Video Blog: Super Shovel by Krazy Beaver

If you’ve never spend an afternoon digging a truck out of mud, sand or snow, you might be wondering why so many 4x4s have shovels clipped to the roof or bumper. It might seem like just another dirtbag gewgaw, hood ornament or bumper sticker. Well, as most of us know when you need a shovel […]

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Energy Saver Window Inserts Review

So it’s COLD here in Reno, NV. Last week it was nice and sunny and now it’s in the 20s during the day and even colder at night. So I’ve been on a kick lately to help keep the house warmer and make it more energy efficient. I replaced some light bulbs with LEDs and […]

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5 Essential Vacuum Insulated Steel Hydration Vessels

Essential Camping Gear: Top 5 Vacuum Insulated Steel Hydration Vessels

Steel is real.There’s nothing more important when you’re camping with the family than keeping your drinks hot or cold. We did a lot of camping this summer, including 8 nights in Bend, Oregon with a 6 month old and several 2 night trips closer to home. It’s important to be able to keep your hot beverages […]

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Dad Gear: REI Nesting Tableware Set

Ok, I know what you’re thinking. Nesting Tableware Set? This is what qualifies as dad gear in your world? IT’S FOR CAMPING!!!! In my world, camping is the man’s domain. The kitchen at home is man’s domain too, but I really only get excited about the camping part, and this camp utensil and dish set […]

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Playlist: John Denver All Aboard

It’s ok to admit you still like John Denver. [Here’s more info on coming to terms with your love of John Denver Music.] Anyway, was over at my sisters house the other day and she had All. I. Can. looping on the TV and John Denver’s All Aboard album looping on the stereo. All Aboard […]

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Joby GoPro Tripod

GoPro Tips and Tools for Dads

We only have one little grommet running around when we go on family outings (for now) but still it forces my love of photography and taking portraits into the back seat. Between wrangling the dude, prepping and schlepping for the dude and just soaking up the natural beauty we came to see, taking photos with […]

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FroYo Video Review: Yogurt Beach, Reno Nevada

My son and i stopped by Yogurt Beach at Mayberry Landing in Reno last week to sample the Frozen Yogurt.   FroYo from Gizzard Stone on Vimeo. I thought we had banana and strawberry FroYo with strawberries and blueberries on top. My son thought we had Pinocchio flavored Pinocchio that was 62 cold and tasted like claws […]

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DadGear: New Camp Kitchen Gear

I’m taking the family to Yosemite for 3 nights camping in the valley. Most of my camping in the last decade has been either backpacking or fast and light car camping where I’d just throw something on the grill or eat out of a can so my camping kitchen isn’t what it should be for […]

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Dad Gear: REI Camp Pack-N-Prep Tote/Table

I love camping, but hate the endless pile of containers and gear and bags and gewgaws that I have to take with me in addition to my son and all his crap (a bike, toys, endless snacks and a different helmet for every hour of the day…). Last year I was looking at this gear […]

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Dad Gear: Waterfield Designs Sling

Ok, so first things first, when you have a kid you have to start carrying around a bunch of crap with you. And when I say crap I mean actual human feces and the cleaning and containment products necessary to cary poop around with you. Which turns out to be a lot of crap. When […]

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