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Don’t believe Neil Tyson or B.o.B. Calculate the Circumference of Earth with Your Pen Pall.

OK, so it has come to my attention that the great Neil deGrasse Tyson has engaged on twitter with a recording artist called B.o.B. about whether the Earth is flat or spheroidal. Which is simultaneously the reasons why love and hate Twitter. I won’t go into why B.o.B. thinks what he thinks, or how he […]

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Balloons in the car defy physics

I drove to work with two helium balloons in my car, WHAT HAPPENED NEXT BLEW MY MIND!!! When I accelerated, the ski gear heaped in the cargo hold sloshed to the back. But the balloons sloshed to the front hitting me in the head.  When I hit the brakes, the helium balloons went to the […]

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Logic Control: Radio Free Radio

Recently got a new in-dash radio to replace the original 1999 tape deck in my 4Runner. It connects to my phone via bluetooth and lets me play whatever my phone can play through the speakers. I know, you’ve had this for years, but I take a while to come around some time… The 4Runner also […]

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Origin Myth

So we were reading The Hobbit (Michael Hague Illustrated version), my son and I. My dad read it to me when I was a boy. He loved the book. The elements of adventure, courage and fantasy drew me in as well. My boy just loves dragons. The Michael Hague illustrations are what drew him in, […]

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Why Will It Blend?

A few years ago Tom Dickson of Blendtec blenders started a great video series called Will It Blend showing off the prowess of their product by blending common household items. It’s a great little glimpse into the world of what if. My favorite is the glow stick episode. Why it blends Well, Waring Blenders has […]

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Biomass on Planet Earth

Just watched the first of a new series from PBS Digital Studios and one of my favorite blogs, It’s Okay To Be Smart. Episode #1, Life By The Numbers is up on the blog and YouTube. Loved it. Facts about Biomass on Earth The video shifts from talking about numbers of organisms to talking about […]

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Science: Antarctic Quest and Penguin Robots

My son is young, so when I showed him this video he really hit on when Dr. Oscar Schofield says that they use penguin robots. Of course, what he meant was that they use small robotic sensors ATTACHED to penguins. But by the time my son is old enough to do science in Antarctica, they […]

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Negative Zero and One in a Million

Two things of interest converge on my this morning when it’s all of 8 degree (F) as I sit reading as the sun comes up. Negative Zero (-0) My friend John lives just up the hill from me near the Galena Weather station which is run by the Western Region Climate Center and the Desert […]

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Mohawk Makes The Man: The future of looking the part

I look to the world around me for lessons on how to be a better dad and how to teach my son to be curious, creative and confident enough to do great things, even if that great thing is just to be a happy human. One of my least favorite nuggets of fatherly advise is […]

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Pegomastax Africanus

This little guy might not make it onto an episode of Dinosaur Train, but it sure is cool. And by cool I mean terrifying. Move over platypus, a recently discovered dinosaur may have bested you for the strangest combination of physical features. Two hundred million years ago, a two-foot- long, beaked biped covered in quills […]

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