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Mohawk Makes The Man: The future of looking the part

I look to the world around me for lessons on how to be a better dad and how to teach my son to be curious, creative and confident enough to do great things, even if that great thing is just to be a happy human. One of my least favorite nuggets of fatherly advise is […]

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The Space Shuttle Vs. A 747 Load of Humans

A friend of mine posted this photo from some snarky Facebook page called “No Hope For The Human Race.” Now, the image implies that if a 747 can carry a Space Shuttle, then it must be able to cary a full load of passengers and their standard and extra luggage because that thing looks HEAVY!!!! […]

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Awesome dads send stuff to space for their kids

With the Space Shuttles flying into storage aboard their 272 piggybacks, it’s surprising to see a new dawn in space exploration, and not from that Brittish virgin with stunningly awesome hair. We sent my son’s favorite train “Stanley” to space in a weather balloon with a HD camera and an old cell phone for GPS. […]

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Every Space Shuttle Launch in under 4 minutes (Video)

Last year (2011) the NASA Space Shuttle program was retired and the last shuttle launched. To commemorate this videographer McLean Fahnestock put together all the video feeds of all the launches into one award winning video. If you have an Apple TV or other device to watch this on a full size HDTV I recommend […]

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Venus Transit Image from NASA Solar Dynamics Observatory

A friend of mine told me that the Venus Transit wold just be a dark dot on a big bright dot. Yes, he is used to being wrong. NASA Solar Dynamics Observatory just posted this image to their Facebook page. -Mike You can view video clips and live streams of the Venus Transit at the […]

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Scale: Atoms, Cells and Our Solar System

How big is the universe? How small is an atom? I know how to answer some questions my son might some day ask like why is the sky blue, but what if he asked, “how blue is the sky” instead? How would one answer that? It’s a mater of scale, which is a matter of […]

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Blue Sunrise

Check out this image of The Sun coming up over some distant peaks. It’s BLUE! It should be red. Sunrises on earth are always red or yellow or pink or golden. I know this, I just watched the sun rise over the Virginia range from my loving room in south Reno, nevada. “Because we’re not […]

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Saturn’s F-ring

Every planet in our solar system is known for something. Mars is The Red Planet, Jupiter is the Giant Planet and Earth is The Planet with Twitter. I think everyone can agree that Saturn with it’s swirling surface and elegant disc of rings is The Stunning Planet. I’ve been looking at images of Saturn since […]

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NASA ATREX Rocket Clouds. Photo by Steve Maciejewski

ATREX Clouds Over Wallops Island, Virginia

I saw reports of strange clouds pop up yesterday, but not until I saw this article from National Geographic did it make sense. Observers on the north east coast of the United States saw some strange and beautiful clouds in the early morning hours. The clouds were from a series of 5 rockets NASA launched […]

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Argentina from the ISS

Star Trails From the ISS

Amazing video by Alex Rivest on Vimeo. The video uses images captures aboard the International Space Station by astronauts. Photos taken by astronauts and time papse sequences can be viewed and downloaded on a NASA website called The Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth. There you can view a gallery of Weekly top ten photos taken by […]

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