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Arches Rope Swing

This says it’s the world’s largest rope swing and i don’t necessarily believe that. It is however pretty awesome.   This is obviously somewhere near Arches National Park near Moab Utah, though I don’t know which arch this is. -Mike Via @extremepods

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Tarp Surfing

They say that necessity is the mother of invention, but boredom is often the mother of necessity. I had forgotten about this until it popped up today on Tarp Surfing, the safest way to ride big waves. Tarp Surfing from The Observatory on Vimeo. 0 Surf for 8 weeks in Sunny little Jersey, Channel Islands. […]

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Danny MacAskill’s Biggest Little Fan

5 year old trials rider Jack made this video as a tribute to his favorite rider Danny MacAskill. My son and I watched this this morning. He says he can do all that stuff on his Strider Bike too… MacAskill is an amazing trials bike rider who jumps off of buildings, rides narrow rails and […]

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2 year old surfer

Awesome video from Chet Harvey of his 2 year old son catching a wave. That kid is BIG! My son just turned two and he is not nearly that big or proportionally developed. From the comments: He was 2 1/2 when I shot this. He’s a giant kid for his age though and as fearless […]

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Juggling tables with your feet

Some things seem like they would be impossible to accomplish, but turns out you can actually juggle tables with your feet. Here’s The Baronton Sisters on The Ed Sullivan Show from February 2, 1969. Foot jugglers The Baronton Sisters from France perform on The Ed Sullivan Show on February 2, 1969. Available on the DVD […]

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Make It Count

This is essentially an add for Nike’s Fuel Band, which is a bracelet that calculates how much activity you do in a day. Seems kinds neat. The video is really cool. -M Via Laughing Squid

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Longboard Girls

Girls Rule: Endless Road 3 Land of Castles

For Christmas one year Mom and Dad gave me and my sister custom-made rock climbing Barbies, complete with hand-made harnesses with dangling washers and bolts for gear, and to-scale ropes coiled on their backs. I still remember the day I realized it wasn’t a contradiction to like to play dress up with my sister one […]

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rc flying human

Strange Remote Controlled Flying Animals

What’s cooler than a flying human being? A flying Pterodactyl. I know what you’re thinking, and you’re right. Human beings can’t fly and Pterodactyls don’t exist (anymore). But the video above shows what looks like flying humans soaring over New York City.

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Balance Bike World Championships

An awesome Go Pro Helmet Cam video of Strider Bike Riding totts. This looks like a ton of fun! Toddler racing – Age 2 to 5 years old play and race for the first ever Balance Bike World Championship. Looking to get your kid on a bike as soon as possible? Balance bikes are an […]

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Mountain climbing on a cable?

Anything is possible. I remember seeing a similar video of a man walking on a high wire like this. He had a balance pole. It was incredible and I still feel the chill when i think about that… -Mike Source: Swiss Man Scales a Mountain Via a Cable Car Wire | Outside Magazine’s Articles | […]

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