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The perfect birthday cake

How To Be A Perfect Mom

Step 1 Ask your kid to draw the ideal birthday cake Step 2 Nail it. Source: MarryHumpsRowdy on Reddit

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The Munvher Hand puppet video

The Muncher

This is funny. That’s all… The video is titled: “Hand swallowing cars and traffic.” I call it The Muncher. Brilliant stuff. -Mike

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Trail Riding on a Strider Bike

Strider Bike Racers

My son and his cousin love their Strider Bikes. And my dad is teaching them to race. Strider Bikes The Strider Bike is an awesome product. It’s the only toddler running bike that I’ve seen that is adjustable for 1 year olds and 3 year olds. I wrote a review of Strider’s pedal-less kick bikes […]

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Book Haul: The Big Bad Book of Beasts by Michael Largo

I have always been a fan of encyclopedic books. Books that provide short digests of information that you can burn through quickly and gain enough information to sound interesting at a party, but not so much that you have to write things down and read a ton of footnotes. The book I featured in my […]

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One Man Bands

I’ve been tracking this phenomenon on YouTube for a few weeks since I saw a great one man band video pop up on Laughing Squid or some similar blog. I’ve always loved the one man band for the sheer entertainment value of a performer talented enough to do more than one thing at once to […]

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3 Weird Robots

Here are three strange little robots named and modeled after real organisms that might seem on the surface to be pointlessly weird, but all three were developed to mimic nature and serve a purpose. The Sand Flea: A Jumping Robot The Sand Flea is a tiny 4 wheeled Robot built by Boston Dynamics that moves […]

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Ski Dads

I know I posted yesterday about it almost being spring, but I’ve changed my mind. It’s ALMOST winter (in Tahoe at least). My friend Lars posted this great Go Pro video yesterday from a ski day at Squaw Valley with his daughter. Lars is a snowboarder, but at least he knows what’s good for his […]

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Teaching Your Kid to Ski: Virginia Lee Burton Method

This ski season, though the driest on record for Tahoe ski resorts, has been the best ski season of my life. Last year I got some tips on teaching toddlers to ski from my friend Kevin, who has two kids a little older than mine who are ripping big time this year, and my dad, […]

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Snow Tubing at Soda Springs Resort

Cool Places: Soda Springs Ski Resort

I’m a skier. My favorite place to ski is up a clear un-tracked forested slope somewhere in the Mt. Rose Wilderness  on the East shore of Lake Tahoe. My son, on the other hand, is 2 years old and is just getting started. My cousin in Roseville has 4 kids who love the snow as […]

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Skiing Santa

A friend of mine works at Aspen Snowmass and made this video of a skiing santa. My son liked it:   Happy Holidays from Aspen/Snowmass from Aspen/Snowmass on Vimeo. A lot of ski resorts have a skiing santa day. Out home mountain, Mt. Rose Ski Tahoe, had Santas the daw we went up and shot […]

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