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Family Photo in Dedeckera Canyon

Death Valley Overland Adventure Part 3: Lippincott Mine Road, Steele Pass and Dedeckera Canyon

Where you are, who you’re with, how you got there and where you’re going. Every once in a while you you get complete alignment of uncompromising awesome. Such was life on Lippincott Mine Road in Death Valley National Park one day earlier this spring. Who we were with This was an awesome family overlanding trip. […]

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Lagomarsino Petroglyph Overland Excursion

TL,DR: The Lagomarsino Petroglyph site is easy to get to if you have a proper 4 wheel drive vehicle. It’s about 9 miles out Lousetown Road from SR 341 (Geiger Grade Road) Near Virginia City in Storey County, Nevada. Thousands of petroglyphs, lots of mud, your phone won’t work, don’t mess around in mines, pack […]

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Nevada Overlanding in a gen 3 Toyota 4Runner

Jumbo Grade: The Hard Way to Virginia City, NV

So I recently got my dream car: a 1999 Toyota 4Runner SR5 4-Wheel-Drive thanks to a texting driver who pulled out in front of me while I was driving my 2003 Subaru. Long story short: I got back into the 4×4 business! I’ve wanted one of these since I was in high school. Now I […]

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What to wear to a monster truck show

I’m all for being a proud dad, but you can’t take a diaper bag to a monster truck show. In that snarling, spark spewing, ripped t-shirt wearing melee of fuel and dirt and cotton candy, there is no room for a murse. If I had the biceps I would have rolled a diaper up in […]

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Nickel Plate 765

Steam Trains are awesome. That much we can all agree on. And while watching a 7 minute video on YouTube of nothing but a single Steam Train might not sound like something you want to do, your kid sure as hell does. If he’s anything like my kid, this will make him poop. Nickel Plate […]

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Time Lapse Tuesday: Coming in for a landing

There was a time when one could just waltz into an airport and stand in front of the window at the gate for no other reason than to watch the planes land, taxi, take off and the little tractors tow trains of baggage carts around the tarmac. Those days are gone. Now you have to […]

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Human Powered: Land, Air and Water (and snow)

Riding a bike is a sublime experience. Propelling yourself across the planet is serene, healthy and fun. Your travel is limited to your imagination, and the end of the road or trail. But what do you do if you want to take to the sea or the sky under your own power? Well, here are […]

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The Space Shuttle Vs. A 747 Load of Humans

A friend of mine posted this photo from some snarky Facebook page called “No Hope For The Human Race.” Now, the image implies that if a 747 can carry a Space Shuttle, then it must be able to cary a full load of passengers and their standard and extra luggage because that thing looks HEAVY!!!! […]

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Wasteland Wanderlust and the Art of Paul White

When I was a kid my grandfather, Big Daddy, used to take us fishing in Leeville Louisiana on the bayous of the Mississippi river south west of New Orleans. He had a moble home there he called the fishing camp. We’d motor around the waterways scattered with oil rigs, and pipes, wetlands and brackish lakes. […]

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Largest Cargo Airplanes in The World

I saw on the Pima Air and Space Museum’s Facebook feed a photo of NASA’s Super Guppy  N941NA. It is an unreal looking cargo airplane that NASA uses to transport large space craft components. This strange looking aircraft has a cargo hold that is 25 feet b 25 feet by 111 feet and can cary a […]

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