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The Tillerman: Driving a Ladder Truck

The Ladder Truck The back end controls are called the “tiller” hence the back driver is the “tillerman.” That’s where they started me, not in the driver’s seat. I think it was supposed to give you some good idea of how the driver can really mess up the tiller by doing the wrong thing. The […]

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Manned Scale Model Navy and Cargo Ships

I came across this link on Atlas Obscura the other day about the Battle of Peasholm which is re-enacted in a park pond in North Yorkshire England in model navy ships. The Atlas Obscura post says that this is “the smallest manned navy in the world,” though according to the Wikipedia article on Peasholm Park, only […]

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Dodge Deora: future car from the past

Every once in a while an idea comes along that’s just too awesome to succeed. This Dodge concept car called the Deora from 1967 is just one of those ideas. It’s sleek, cool, has a beautifully cool interior. I suspect that the primary reason it never went into production was the ridiculous front door hatch and swiveling tailgate.

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How personal watercraft work

FlyBoard: a water hover board

The FlyBoard is a board that harnesses the thrust generated by a small water jet craft to provide thrust to a single person strapped to the small board. ZAPATA RACING – ZAPATA FRANKY.

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