Dad Gear: Waterfield Designs Sling

Ok, so first things first, when you have a kid you have to start carrying around a bunch of crap with you. And when I say crap I mean actual human feces and the cleaning and containment products necessary to cary poop around with you. Which turns out to be a lot of crap. When our son was born my wife picked up a Waterfield Designs Sling Bag to be the baby bag. And as a dad who ends up carrying it around quite a bit I recommend it for two reasons, 1) it doesn’t look all babyfied and girly and 2) there are two beer pockets on the outside.

Waterfield Designs Sling Review

Waterfield Designs Sling Bag

Waterfield Designs Sling

The bag is made of ballistic nylon that is durable and nice looking. Our bag is two years old in daily rotation and still looks brand new. The bag doesn’t have a handle, just a strap, so you never cary it in your hand but over your shoulder which is convenient since you in the first two years you almost have a dirty diaper in one hand and cup of Cheerios in the other. The Waterfield straps are padded and comfortable and don’t slip off your arm when you reach down to sweep lego heads out of your toddler’s mouth. Just fight the impulse to do that to someone else’s kid. Chances are they saw you picking your nose and will be grossed out.
Waterfield Designs Sling Outside Pockets

The Sling has pockets like this on both ends

Major Features: POCKETS

The Waterfield Sling bag’s main features are the pockets for stashing toys, sippy cups, diapers (dirty and clean) a change of clothes (dirty and clean), tubes of lotions, creams, and hand sanitizer that you’ll never use, books, more toys, a jacket and a beer or two. There are two pockets on the outside ends that are big enough for a drink for the kid or the dad, and two inside in the same place for toys that you’ll forget about and rediscover gratefully at the DMV. There are two zippered pockets on the long sides inside the bag for the clothes, diapers, and sanitary products. Once all the pockets are filled there is a ton of room for books, toys and dirty diapers in the main compartment.
 Waterfield Designs Sling Bag
I’ve really become a fan of the compartment method of packing. Waterfield also makes a bunch of small cases and storage pouches, but having all that built into a bag has worked well for me. That way when your kid excavates the bag onto the driveway, most of the important stuff is protected.
Waterfield Designs Sling Insite Pockets

The Sling has three simpered pockets on the inside and two mesh pockets

The Sling comes in 3 sizes, I think ours is the medium. It’s pretty small and I didn’t think that it would work but all the pockets are super efficient. It also helps that babies are also quite small and really, don’t need that much for the first year or so. (especially if they are breast fed). Waterfield should make nursing bras. I bet Gary would enjoy the research.
So that’s that. Get one here.

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