Playlist: John Denver All Aboard

John Denver, All aboard

John Denver, All aboard

It’s ok to admit you still like John Denver. [Here’s more info on coming to terms with your love of John Denver Music.]

Anyway, was over at my sisters house the other day and she had All. I. Can. looping on the TV and John Denver’s All Aboard album looping on the stereo. All Aboard is a John Denver album of all songs about trains. As an admitted John Denver afficionado, I logged onto iTunes and bought it on the spot. It’s great, JD exuberant cheesy awesomeness.

The songs are great for kids, particularly I’ve Been Working on the Railroad, Freight Train Boogie and The Little Engine That Could. My son and I listened to it over breakfast the other day. He loves trains. So naturally, he loved the music. I like it too. And I’m man enough to admit it. My wife hates it more than she hates my Tex Ritter album. But we love her anyway.



If John Denver isn’t your style, here are some other recommendations for music you and your kids will like.


Buy John Denver All Aboard

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  • Awkward Story Dad

    Nice. I definitely hope my kid likes John Denver (and Jim Croce).

    • Mike Henderson

      Jim Croce was another favorite of road trips when I was a kid.

  • Portland Dad

    We have music on here almost constantly and john Denver is a good one. Kenny Loggins gets in there but mostly it’s been newer indie music. Raising little hipster kids here in portland.