Waves and Surfing

I’m not a surfer, but today I saw 3 rad things about surfing.

At Roads End:A Look Back at Teahupoo’s Defining Moments

This amazing photo gallery of surfing images from a competition at Teahupoo Tahiti. What is amazing is the images that show the incredible relief between the top of a wave and the bottom just before it breaks. Click the image for more.

Amazing wave at Teahupoo Tahiti

Amazing wave at Teahupoo Tahiti. Andy Irons whets his appetite for one of the most intense drops in surfing, peering into the bowl at the Gotcha Pro in ‘99. Photo: Joli (Surfer Mag)

Adaptive Surf Camp

The Truckee based High 5’s Foundation helps extreme athletes bounce back from major injuries. They recently took a trip to San Onofre, CA to try adaptive surfing.

High Five the Wave! from Shreddy Times on Vimeo.

July 5-9, 2012 the High Fives Foundation took a group Winter Empowerment Fund Athletes to San Clemente, CA to learn the sport of adaptive surfing at San Onofre State Park’s “Dog Patch” beach. Athletes Steve Wallace, Taylor Fiddyment, Landon McGauley, Danny Toumarkine and John Davis traveled with the Foundation and a media team to Southern California for their first ever Adaptive Surf Camp. Read More

Competitive Surfing in Tahiti

Here’s what a big wave surf competition in Tahiti looks like. Thanks to @harvitronix for tweeting this.

I have actually surfed once in my life at Moro Bay, CA. It didn’t go super well, but it was fun and i got a tiny taste of the rush of riding the power of a wave. These big ones must be unbelievable to ride.

Wave by Suzy Lee

My son really loves this picture book, Wave by Suzy Lee. It has no words, but he always wants to read it again as soon as we’re done. So the second time I make him tell the story. It’s great!

Wave by Suzy Lee

Wave by Suzy Lee


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