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Landfill Harmonic

It’s easy to get into the habit of buying everything you need off the shelf, and certainly, I am guilty of that more often than not. But still, if you can make treasure from trash, then you are a hero.   Landfill Harmonic The Movie Landfill Harmonic is an upcoming feature-length documentary about a remarkable […]

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Bugs Bunny: Violence vs. Music

A few weeks ago I posted some videos of legendary Warner Brothers animator Chuck Jones teaching you how to draw your favorite Looney Toons Characters like Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and Wile E. Coyote. Like any self respecting red bolded American dad who came of age in the TV era, I loved bugs bunny as […]

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House of the Rising Robot

More Robot music. This time by Pretune on Vimeo. Here are the instruments used: a. HP Scanjet 3P, Adaptec SCSI card and a computer powered by Ubuntu v9.10 OS as the Vocals. (hey, the scanner is old) b. Atari 800XL with an EiCO Oscilloscope as the Organ c. Texas instrument Ti-99/4A with a Tektronix Oscilloscope […]

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Take On Me

Here are three versions of a-ha’s song Take On Me that i find completely awesome. I was just a kid when this song was on the radio and the video was playing on the nascent MTV. So I’m stoked that my young son likes it a well.

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Songs of the West Volume 4

Playlist: Songs of the West Volume IV

Can you hum the theme from The Magnificent 7? Well it’s a father’s duty to not only instill this ability in his sons but also to give them an understanding of the gravity and  importance of that ability as well as an appreciation for western cowboy culture and the legends of the west. It’s less […]

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Playlist: Louis Prima

In my never ending struggle to align my 20 month old son’s music taste with my own and avoid We Sing In Silyville as long as possible, I search my iTunes library and CDs for artists, tracks and albums that I love, and that i think HE will love.

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Willie Nelson Rainbow Connection

Playlist: Willie Nelson, Rainbow Connection

You can’t protect your kids from everything, but you might as well defer the F-Bomb conversation as long as you can. As a parent and a music lover, this usually means making a change to your music habits once your kids start repeating every single syllable word they hear. But just because you have kids […]

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Rock Lobster Robot Cover (video)

This version of the B-52’s Rock Lobster (1979) performed by robots is pretty awesome! My favorite part is the copiers that make the high pitched whine noise. Below is the Original version by the B-52’s.

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Music Lessons

This is why we’re making you learn to play guitar/piano/bass/etcetera.  -M Whole Wide World – Wreckless Eric (by lantzn)

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Nature Boy

This is just a good video. Nothing to learn here. Or is there?  -M Mad Men Theme Song … With a Twist (by VideosRecordedLive)

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