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Kite Aerial Photography (KAP) @ Secret Dad Society

Mike over at Secret Dad Society is experimenting with flying a kit with a camera attached to it. I’ll be following his experiments as I’ve always wanted to do this too! First Attempt at Kite Aerial Photography (KAP) « Secret Dad Society. just started dabbling in Kite Aerial Photography (KAP), and I’ve found that once you experience […]

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Crazy Moon

Lately when my son goes to bed he has to turn the stars on. Of course he has the turtle star projector, which you must go buy right this very minute. Sometimes, when he has a surfeit of energy left from the day he turns it on, and jumps on the bed shaking it back […]

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A tiny train ride through magical land (Canada)

Lakes the size of oceans, totems that tower above the tracks, leaves that change colors, fall to the ground and block out the sun. The images in Photographer Jeff Friesen’s Ghost Train Crossing Canada gallery are magical and seem to be from another world of a scale that dwarfs even the long trains that cross […]

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Time Lapse Tuesday: Coming in for a landing

There was a time when one could just waltz into an airport and stand in front of the window at the gate for no other reason than to watch the planes land, taxi, take off and the little tractors tow trains of baggage carts around the tarmac. Those days are gone. Now you have to […]

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Joby GoPro Tripod

GoPro Tips and Tools for Dads

We only have one little grommet running around when we go on family outings (for now) but still it forces my love of photography and taking portraits into the back seat. Between wrangling the dude, prepping and schlepping for the dude and just soaking up the natural beauty we came to see, taking photos with […]

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Last week the image below was tweeted by So Bad So Good (@sbadsgood). Photo of the day: A stunning sunken boatfrozen in Antarctica twitter.com/sbadsgood/stat… — So Bad So Good (@sbadsgood) August 17, 2012 More Awesome Shipwreck Images I found some other cool shipwreck images on Flickr too. The image above is one of many in […]

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X-Ray Art of Nick Veasey

I watched a great TED talk on Netflix last evening by Nick Veasey, a photographer who makes amazing images of the insides of objects using X-Rays. His images are familiar, yet strange as we can identify the shape of a bus with passengers, or a jumbo jet, but seeing through into the inside reveals much […]

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Ferris Wheels

The line is long, usually, and you watch as the wheel turns and people look down on the world, barely noticing you for the city, countryside, sea and clouds they can see better from way up there. There is no height restriction, so you get to go on younger than a roller coaster. It isn’t […]

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My son’s favorite toy: a balloon

One of the coolest things about being a dad is re-discovery. As my sonopens doors, and windows and garden gates and finds treasures that are new to him, I re-discover treasures I had left in a safe place and eventually forgotten. The wonder of a mud puddle, the magical properties of snow and the thrill […]

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Dad Gadgets: The Nikon AW100 Waterproof Camera

One thing that is important to me here at The Gizzard Stone is taking pictures. I take a lot of photos with my crappy smartphone because it is always in my pocket, and sometimes has a battery charge. But last year, on the recommendation of my friend Photo John, editor of PhotographyReview.com I bought a […]

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