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Centriphone: Amazing Super Slow Mo Skiing Video from Swinging iPhone

There’s creativity and then there’s this. Check this out and build stoke for skiing this weekend! -M

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How great parents make great athletes

This was a good morning for being a dad up early reading stuff on the internet and watching the sun rise. Also for coffee, but then every morning is great for coffee. When I was a kid I spent a lot of time skiing, hiking, climbing and riding bikes with my dad. This is of […]

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Ski Dads

I know I posted yesterday about it almost being spring, but I’ve changed my mind. It’s ALMOST winter (in Tahoe at least). My friend Lars posted this great Go Pro video yesterday from a ski day at Squaw Valley with his daughter. Lars is a snowboarder, but at least he knows what’s good for his […]

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Snow Tubing at Soda Springs Resort

Cool Places: Soda Springs Ski Resort

I’m a skier. My favorite place to ski is up a clear un-tracked forested slope somewhere in the Mt. Rose Wilderness  on the East shore of Lake Tahoe. My son, on the other hand, is 2 years old and is just getting started. My cousin in Roseville has 4 kids who love the snow as […]

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Skiing Santa

A friend of mine works at Aspen Snowmass and made this video of a skiing santa. My son liked it:   Happy Holidays from Aspen/Snowmass from Aspen/Snowmass on Vimeo. A lot of ski resorts have a skiing santa day. Out home mountain, Mt. Rose Ski Tahoe, had Santas the daw we went up and shot […]

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Skiing With My Dad

We were on our way to Winter Park. The year was 1984 or 1985. Flying up interstate 70 in the Honda for the first day of Eskimo Ski Club. Kids came in busses from all over Colorado. Some parents even put their kids on trains which rolled to within sight of the lift to send […]

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Skiing With Toddlers

This ski season has been AMAZING so far! While the snow in the backcountry has been less than awesome, and I have yet to get a really good day of skiing for myself, I’ve had my son out 3 times so far and he is officially a real skier! I have a great group of […]

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Pat with a Cat named Hat

No HAT! DON’T SIT ON THAT! This bit from Warren Miller Entertainment is either a holdover from the 1980’s or is something brand new they shot with a dude who lives in the past (at least sartorially). And while we’re on the subject of campy old ski movies, here’s one of my favorites. Apocalypse Snow […]

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playing after skiing

10 Tips for Skiing with toddlers

I’ve been skiing from a very early age. I remember wooshing down the slopes at Cooper Mountain in Colorado. Getting blown off the trails at Breckenridge in a storm. Spending an hour in a storm on a chairlift in Buffalo huddled with my dad when I was 6. We skied Winter Park, Copper, Keystone, Arapaho, […]

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