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My grandparents house in Baton Rouge Louisiana was in the country on 40 acres and was set off Greenwell Springs road a few miles from the A&P. There was a chain link fence with a gate ornamented with two cast metal dogs standing guard nose to nose. My grandfather grew some crops, had a tractor and a […]

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Let’s Explore The Oceans: Infographic

This infographic from MastersDegree.net has a lot of great information about the oceans and how the diverse geography and ecology affects human life on Planet Earth.   Inner Space vs. Outer Space What I find most interesting is the fact that so little exploration has been done on the deepest parts of the oceans. In […]

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Train Videos

  Today I’m taking an Amtrak Train from Reno, NV to Bakersfield, CA with my son. Just the two of us. He’s 2 years old and this our first adventure together. The trip takes the California Zephyr over the scenic ascent of Donner Summit to Sacramento, CA and then we transfer to the San Joaquin […]

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Steam Engines: From pumps to power plants

Steam engines originally developed at engines to either remove water from underground mines or to provide water to factories that were built away from rivers that could driver water wheels. They eventually became efficient and portable enough to provide motive power to tractors and train engines. The steam engine evolved to be even more efficient […]

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Tarp Surfing

They say that necessity is the mother of invention, but boredom is often the mother of necessity. I had forgotten about this until it popped up today on www.booooooom.com. Tarp Surfing, the safest way to ride big waves. Tarp Surfing from The Observatory on Vimeo. 0 Surf for 8 weeks in Sunny little Jersey, Channel Islands. […]

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View the 2012 Transit of Venus on June 5th

I hope you didn’t throw those eclipse viewing glasses away after last month’s Annular Solar Eclipse because in a couple of days you can use them again to view the planet Venus doing the same thing the moon did. Just like solar annular eclipses, transits don’t happen all the time and of course, only two […]

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Dad Gear: REI Kingdom 6 Tent

Winter is over, summer is here. So it is decreed by the gizzard stone. Put on the shorts and shiver through the last few cold morning and evenings like a man. And while you’re waiting for the summer camping season to really kick in, like most dads you’re probably surfing the web for sweet new […]

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Kids on Big Rigs

I was kind of surprised that he never cracked a smile. I guess it was too important, there was too much to do. He wanted me to close the door, he wanted to “drive that one.” he wanted to go in the bounce house and stay there forever. There was a fundraiser Saturday for High […]

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Saturn’s F-ring

Every planet in our solar system is known for something. Mars is The Red Planet, Jupiter is the Giant Planet and Earth is The Planet with Twitter. I think everyone can agree that Saturn with it’s swirling surface and elegant disc of rings is The Stunning Planet. I’ve been looking at images of Saturn since […]

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Lickable Wallpaper and Dreamers of Dreams

Someone finally did it. They made likable wallpaper just like in the Roald Dahl Classic book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and the equally a classic Gene Wilder film, Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory. If you remember the scene then you remember the bit of wisdom Wanka bestows upon an impudent Veruca Salt when she protests […]

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