Best answer: How do you measure the speed of a 4 pole motor?

How do you tell if a motor is 2 pole or 4 pole?

RE: How to tell how many poles a motor has.

A two pole single phase induction motor has 4 windings, and a two pole three phase motor has 6 windings. But if you are looking at DC motors that may be totally different.

What is speed of motor?

Speed of a motor is the magnitude of the rotational velocity of the motor shaft. In a motion application, speed of the motor dictates how fast the axis rotates – the number of complete revolutions per unit time.

How do you find the poles of a motor?

To determine the number of poles, you can read the data plate directly or calculate it from the RPM stated on the data plate or you can count the coils and divide by 3 (poles per phase) or by 6 (pairs of poles per phase).

How do you find RPM given speed and diameter?

To do this, use the formula: revolutions per minute = speed in meters per minute / circumference in meters. Following the example, the number of revolutions per minute is equal to: 1,877 / 1.89 = 993 revolutions per minute.

How do you calculate the maximum speed of a motor?

Max speed is defined by the bus voltage and the voltage constant (Ke). The max speed is simply when current flowing is zero, and speed = Vbus/ Ke. The units for Ke for linear motors is v/m/sec and for rotary and arc v/rad/sec.

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