Best answer: What is a 904 transmission?

What is the difference between a 727 and 904 transmission?

The 727 was the only available automatic transmission for big block cars. You could get a 727 for a small block, which where mostly for 340’s and 360’s or you could get a 904 which was primarily for the 318. 727 is a much heavier duty transmission and can really take a beating.

How much HP can a 904 transmission handle?

needsaresto Well-Known Member. As everyone has said, a properly built 904 will take that 360 without an issue.

Is a 904 transmission good?

abodyjoe Well-Known Member. 904 will be fine as long as it was built properly. Don’t really need anthing exotic in it, just quality parts and put together properly.

Is it hard to rebuild a 904 transmission?

904’s are one of the easiest to rebuild, and usually still the “first” one trade schools let an Apprentice get their feet wet, that said, If you’ve never done an Auto, don’t do it without a trained eye looking over your shoulder.

How much does a 904 transmission weight?

I bet 90 lbs is a close estimate.

How much horsepower can a Torqueflite handle?

We’ve put stock TorqueFlite transmissions behind big-blocks pushing upwards of 600 hp and found they not only survive, but perform quite well. Pure race applications, however, will find the weak link of any combination, and the transmission is no exception.

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What is a 318 engine?

The 318 was engineered for the smaller Dodges and Plymouths on a 108- to 112-inch wheelbase and later the larger full-size Chrysler line of cars. The 318 initially powered the Dodge Dart and Demon and the Plymouth Barracuda, Scamp and Duster. Ultimately, virtually all Dodge cars were equipped with the optional 318.