Frequent question: Can you use any car seat with the Urbini stroller?

What car seats are compatible with Urbini Reversi stroller?

The Evenflo Urbini Reversi Reversible Stroller, formerly known as Urbini Reversi, offers three modes in one versatile, lightweight stroller. For babies, Reversi accepts the Evenflo SafeMax or any version of the LiteMax rear-facing infant car seats(sold separately) with the included adapters.

Can you mix and match car seats and strollers?

Types of Baby Strollers with Car Seats

You can certainly mix and match different models of car seats and strollers for a custom combo. But a travel system is already designed to play nicely together with no additional equipment needed, which can save you a lot of time, money and peace of mind.

Is Urbini a good car seat?

With many great features, simple installation, and adaptation to a few of Urbini’s strollers this car seat is a top choice for parents who want the optimal level of safety and comfort for their little ones.

Are car seats Universal for strollers?

First of all, only infant car seats are compatible with strollers. … For those that are compatible, most car seats are only compatible with the stroller they come with. Some strollers allow for multiple car seats to fit their stroller; however, most strollers are not compatible with different brands.

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Can a convertible car seat be used in a stroller?

A convertible car seat can be used with children of various sizes and can flip from a rear-facing to a forward-facing seat. … Because of their size and weight, convertible car seats don’t attach to a stroller and aren’t designed to be moved regularly between vehicles.

Is Urbini discontinued?

The Urbini Sonti is a successor to the Petal (now discontinued; see our review here), which was their first effort at a mass-market seat under this Walmart-exclusive brand. The Sonti continues in that vein, with a rich set of features for seat that sells for under $100.

Can you put a newborn in an Urbini stroller?

Being an everyday stroller, it offers incredibly helpful features, such as multi-position recline and car seat compatibility. With the ability to be a travel system, you can use the stroller as is, or attach the Urbini Sonti Infant car seat to the stroller, making it suitable for newborns as well.