How can you tell the difference between a 6l80 and 6l90 transmission?

How can you tell a 6L80 from a 6L90?

there is a 4 digit designation on it… the first digit is a number and designates the Model yr… the 2nd digit is either a “B” or a “C” or a “D”….. the B is for 6L50, the C is for a 6L80, and the D is for a 6L90….. so for example…. a 1DKA is a 2011 model yr 6L90 transmission…. the last two letters is the …

Are 6L80 and 6L90 the same?

The 6L90 is a heavy-duty version of the 6L80 six-speed automatic, with a strengthened input gearset that has two additional pinion gears (six in total) and a strengthened output gearset that uses wider gears than the 6L80.

Which transmission is better 6L80 or 6L90?

The 6L90 is the strongest of GM’s family of Hydra-Matic six-speed automatic transmissions. … The 6L90 shares about 75 percent of its parts with the 6L80 and the case is slightly longer. The 6L90 offers drivers shift control, with tap up/tap down shifting, and grade braking.

How do I identify my Chevy transmission?

Chevrolet transmissions can be manual or automatic. Automatic transmission on a Chevy can be identified in one of two ways: You can look at the size of the pan on the transmission or you can search for the identification number that has been stamped somewhere on the casing.

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Can I swap a 6L80 for a 6L90?

I did the same thing,except I took parts off different donors ZL1’s. 6L80 converter will work with a 6L90. The TCM will have to be reflashed to a 6L90 at the dealership first,then it can be tuned normally.

When did the 6L90E come out?


In 2006 General Motors introduced their new line of the innovative 6L80E transmissions. Unlike previous GM transmissions that evolved from earlier transmission models.

Is the 6L90 a good transmission?

Is the 6L90 a good transmission? The 6L90 transmission is not a terrible transmission. In fact, it is a high-performance component capable of handling up to 700 horsepower. Along with the 6L80 model, this transmission powers the best cars and trucks that GM offers.

What trucks have the 6L90 transmission?

The new 6L90 six-speed electronically controlled automatic transmission is standard in the all new 2007 GMC Sierra and Chevrolet Silverado heavy-duty pickups.

How do I find the VIN number on my transmission?

The Vehicle identification number is a 17-digit number where each of them has a unique meaning that is associated with the vehicle. The transmission of the vehicle is usually in between the fourth and the ninth digits-you would get to know the type of transmission of the vehicle.

What vehicles did the 6L80 come in?

The 6L80E transmission is widely used in such popular GM applications as the Silverado and Sierra trucks, Tahoe, Suburban, Denali, Hummer H2, Cadillac Escalade, STS and CTS, Camaro, and G8 .