How do I choose a gear motor?

How do you price a gear motor?

How does price of Geared Motors vary on Phase?

Questions & Answers on Geared Motors.

Phase Min Price Max Price
Single Phase Rs 1450/Piece Rs 20000/Piece
Three Phase Rs 1000/Piece Rs 26000/Piece

What is a hobby gearmotor?

These are a pair of hobby gearmotors from DAGU. These gearmotors are the same ones recommended for use in the Shadow Chassis and offer a cheap and easy-to-use setup to get your wheels turning. Each Hobby Gearmotor also possess a 9mm long output on a straight axis.

What is gear reduction motor?

A gear reducer is a mechanical transmission device that connects a motor to a driven load. It is also known as a gearbox. It allows you to modify the torque and speed between a motor and a load. Reduction gear assemblies are made up of series of gears.

Why it is important to select a motor which is properly sized for the load intended?

For a motor to drive a load properly, it must produce enough torque to accelerate from standstill to operating speed, and it must supply enough power for all possible demands without exceeding its design limits. … Motors must be sized to accommodate the running load’s speed and torque requirements.

What is a gear reduction?

A reduction gear is an arrangement by which an input speed can be lowered for a requirement of slower output speed, with same or more output torque. … The high speed incoming motion from the wheel work is transmitted to the set of rotating gears, wherein the motion or torque is changed.

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What is the torque of 12V DC motor?

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Voltage Product # Torque (in-lb)
12 10312 32.30
12 10313 12.60
12 10314 31.10
12 10315 40.70

What is a gearhead motor?

Essentially, a gearhead converts high-speed, low-torque energy into low-speed, high-torque output. A servo motor provides highly accurate positioning of its output shaft.