Is DC motor and DC machine same?

What is the other name of DC motor?

A direct current or DC motor, converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. It is one of two basic types of motors: the other type is the alternating current or AC motor.

What are the 3 types of DC motors?

There are 3 main types of DC motor that are available:- Series, Shunt and Compound. These terms relate to the type of connection of the field windings with respect to the armature circuit.

What is use of DC motor?

DC motors are suitable for many applications – including conveyors, turntables and others for which adjustable speed and constant or low-speed torque are required. They also work well in dynamic braking and reversing applications, which are common in many industrial machines.

Why are DC motors called conduction motors?

In a typical DC motor, the brushes are what conduct electricity directly from the mains supply to the armature (the power-producing component), which is why a DC motor is sometimes known as a conduction motor.

How do you identify a DC motor?

Look for the stator core construction and rotor. If there is no commutator, then it is a AC motor. If there is a commutator and brushes, it may be either a DC motor or an AC commutator motor (Universal motor).

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