Question: What is the sticker on the windshield called?

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How much is a Monroney sticker?

How do I use Enter the VIN on or scan it directly from your vehicle using our mobile app. Pay a one-time fee of $7.99 ($9.99 on iOS) to see the window sticker, including every VIN-specific feature and option on your vehicle.

What is an annual windshield sticker?

An annual inspection is valid for 12 months and must be renewed prior to expiring to avoid hefty fines. The inspection is put in place to make sure each vehicle is in safe condition to be operated which help reduce collisions caused by mechanical defects.

What is a Maroney?

Meaning of Maroney: Name Maroney in the English origin, means A descendant of the hero. … People with name Maroney are usually Judaism by religion.

Should I keep the Monroney sticker?

If the window sticker — or Monroney label, as it’s called — hasn’t already been removed by the dealer and placed in the glove box, you should carefully remove it, make a few extra copies in case one gets lost, and put them away for safe keeping in your bank safety deposit box or vault. …

What is the yellow sticker for?

Yellow-colour sticker: For the vehicles related to transportation of officers and staff of central, state and local governments, including their statutory authorities and organizations, all public essential services by local authorities, public transport, press/media, water supply services, electric and gas supply …

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What is the blue sticker on my car?

Blue stickers

If you have a blue sticker, this means that your vehicle has already been inspected and is due for removal.

What does a yellow tag on a car mean?

A Yellow Tag is a warning that the vehicle has been booted. If your vehicle has been booted, contact Parking Services immediately. Do not attempt to drive your vehicle while the boot is attached. Severe damage to the vehicle may occur.