Quick Answer: Does Advance Auto Parts do background checks?

What disqualifies a background check?

There are plenty of reasons a person may not pass a background check, including criminal history, education discrepancies, poor credit history, damaged driving record, false employment history, and a failed drug test. We explore each of these reasons here—some are definitely more problematic than others.

Do any companies not do background checks?

Entry-level positions are the most likely to be “no background check required.” Retail businesses, restaurants (especially fast food), and other establishments that tend to see a lot of employee turnover fall into this category. Keep in mind that there are never any guarantees.

What kind of drug test does Advance Auto Parts do?

Unless otherwise prohibited by law, Advance will test for the following drugs: amphetamines (including Ecstasy), cocaine, marijuana, opiates, phencyclidine (PCP), and their metabolites.

What causes a red flag on a background check?

Many employers and employees have misconceptions about background checks, which can result in a hiring or application mistake. … Common background report red flags include application discrepancies, derogatory marks and criminal records.

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What does AutoZone look for in a background check?

The background check is run for AutoZone to protect itself, its employees, and its customers. In evaluating the results, they look for discrepancies between the report and their responses on the application. They also evaluate the nature of any criminal offenses discovered by the report.

Does AutoZone hire people with felonies?

Would auto zone hire a felon? No, since there is a lot of cash business, any criminal background is going to prevent you getting employed at Autozone. No background check unless you are a driver.

Does O’Reilly hire felons?

Remember, they already think you might be a good fit for their business. Your job now is simply to show them that they were right. With any luck, you will be able to get a job at O’Reilly Auto Parts with a felony.

What is the 7-year rule for background checks?

Essentially, the 7-year rule states that all civil suits, civil judgments, arrest records, and paid tax liens can’t be reported in a background investigation (or other consumer report) after 7 years.

What states follow the 7-year rule background checks?

SEVEN-YEAR STATES: California, Colorado, Kansas, Maryland, Massachusetts, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, New York, Texas, and Washington. [In some of these states, the 7-year reporting restriction for convictions only applies if the applicant does not meet a certain salary threshold.

What kind of job does not require a background check?

Government jobs that don’t require background checks are available in a wide range of job title categories, such as engineering, clerical work, quality assurance, maintenance, construction, food service, food preparation, industrial equipment operation, packing and processing.

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Do I have to know about cars to work at Advance Auto Parts?

Yes but automotive experience and knowledge are a great plus and most likely will get you hired anything else can be trained…

How long is the hiring process for Advance Auto Parts?

About one to two weeks.

Does Advance Auto random drug test?

No they do not drug test.