Quick Answer: What are the slimmest car seats?

What is the slimmest car seat made?

Which Car Seats Are The Narrowest?

  • Narrowest Infant Car Seat: Graco Snugride Snuglock 30 is the narrowest at 16.54 inches.
  • Narrowest Convertible Car Seat: Combi Corroro at 15.5 inches followed by Baby Trend Trooper and Disney Baby Apt both at 16.75 inches.
  • Narrowest Booster: Graco Affix is the narrowest at 16.5 inches.

What is the slimmest car seat UK?

Narrowest infant car seat on the market

The Juva is the narrowest car seat currently for sale in the UK that our editors found. At just 41.5cm it is just that bit slimmer than other car seats to give you those vital few cms that may make all the difference in your car.

How wide is the average car seat?

The average car seat is 15 to 20 inches wide, so you’ll need a row that has 45 to 60 inches of hip and shoulder room to fit three car seats across. It’s best to have extra space, so we chose vehicles that offer between 55 and 66 inches of hip and shoulder room.

Is Mifold really safe?

The Mifold booster seats are narrow enough to safely sit three children side-by-side in the back of even a smaller car. The booster is rated safe for use by children over the age of four and weighing anywhere from 40 through 100 pounds.

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