What engines do BMW use?

Who makes the engines for BMW?

BMW said production of eight and twelve cylinder engines will move from Munich to Hams Hall in England, and other engines will be made in Steyr, in Austria.

Do BMW use Peugeot engines?

The current Prince engine family jointly developed by BMW and Peugeot is available in 1.4- and 1.6-liter displacements. A turbocharged version of the engine found in the standard MINI Cooper is also used in the Cooper S.

Is the 2JZ made by Yamaha?

To the best of my recollection, Toyota developed the 2JZ-GTE and, as it is wont to do, sent off the head to Yamaha for massaging. The work done by Yamaha was productionized and here we are. As an aside, Yamaha developed the heads on the original Ford Taurus SHO.

Does BMW make Mini Cooper engines?

MINI Cooper SD models are powered by a BMW N47 engine. This is the same engine BMW uses in the 118d. Neither of these cars are presently sold in the US. Other MINIs are powered by versions of the Prince engine family.

Are Mini Cooper engines made by BMW?

While many people think that MINI is a British company, you may be surprised who owns MINI Cooper. The brand is actually owned by German automaker, BMW. So, is MINI Cooper a BMW? No, MINI is its own separate brand.

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