What is a windshield survey?

What is the point of a windshield survey?

A windshield survey is conducted from a car and provides a visual overview of a community. Conditions and trends in the community that could affect the health of the population are noted. This data provides background and context for working in the community or for conducting a community assessment.

How does the community health nurse perform a windshield survey of a community?

Community health nurses often perform a community windshield survey by driving or walking through an area and making organized observations.

What is a geriatric windshield survey?

A Windshield Survey is performed by health professionals by collecting data by literally driving around and look out their windshield to assess people and environment. Health professionals use this data to develop a Community Health Plan.

What is a windshield tour?

This grassroots group developed an educational driving excursion, enti- tled the “Windshield Tour”, of the city hospital’s poorest areas. The intent was to provide a very personal, first- hand learning experience in which participants would witness the living conditions of patients from poverty- stricken neighborhoods.

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How would you use a windshield survey?

Guidelines for a windshield survey

  1. Use a map. …
  2. If you can, try to use a team of at least two. …
  3. Drive at a moderate speed, and avoid unexpected actions.
  4. Drive both on major and minor streets, particularly in residential neighborhoods. …
  5. Pull over at regular intervals to make and compare notes.
  6. Try to be inconspicuous.

What is a windshield survey scholarly articles?

The systematic observation about a community made from a moving vehicle is called as windshield survey. … Both types of survey help to assess general needs of the community and examine more specific facets of the community’s physical, social, or economic character.

Which of the following best describes the purpose of the windshield survey?

Which of the following best describes the primary purpose of a windshield survey? Provide familiarity and context to the nurse who is new to a community and its members.

Why is it important for visiting nurses to do a community survey?

The examination allows us to identify strengths and capacities as well as gaps and risks. Health care professionals acquire insight and important information necessary to guide work with the population through community assessment.

Why do nurses do community assessments?

A community health assessment gives organizations comprehensive information about the community’s current health status, needs, and issues. This information can help develop a community health improvement plan by justifying how and where resources should be allocated to best meet community needs.

What is a needs assessment CDC?

Community Health Assessment & Health Improvement Planning

A community health assessment, also known as community health needs assessment, refers to a state, tribal, local, or territorial health assessment that identifies key health needs and issues through systematic, comprehensive data collection and analysis.

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What is a community assessment?

The community assessment (CA) is the collection and analysis of data related to the needs and characteristics of Head Start-eligible children and families in the grantee service area (i.e., geographic area). It identifies program and community resources available to meet their needs and specifies where there are gaps.

What is problem oriented assessment?

Problem-focused assessment A problem focus assessment collects data about a problem that has already been identified. This type of assessment has a narrower scope and a shorter time frame than the initial assessment.

What is Survey in community health nursing?

In a community survey, the researcher selects representatives from the target audience as survey participants. These people provide in-depth information about the needs and experiences of the community throughout the research.

What is the primary reason why every step of an intervention is planned before the intervention is implemented?

Planning the intervention saves time and helps the implementation process go more smoothly.