What vehicle gets the best gas mileage?

What car gets 136 mpg?

Most Fuel-Efficient Hatchbacks

Rank Make & Model City mpg
1 BMW i3 Giga 1351
2 Toyota Prius Prime 382
3 Tesla Model 3 Long Range 1361
4 Hyundai Kona Electric Limited 1321

Do older cars get better gas mileage?

That’s mainly because they were lighter and their engines were tuned to generate far less horsepower than modern cars. …

What car gets 55 miles per gallon?

2022 Toyota Prius Prime

The Toyota Prius Prime is a 5-seater vehicle that comes in 3 trim levels. The most popular style is the XLE, which starts at $31,025 and comes with a Plug-In Hybrid 1.8L I4 engine and Front Wheel Drive. This Prius Prime is estimated to deliver 55 MPG in the city and 53 MPG on the highway.

What car gives you 50 miles per gallon?

2022 Toyota Prius Eco

You can even get one with all-wheel drive and 50 mpg, or in plug-in Prime guise, with 25 all-electric miles and 54 mpg as a hybrid. The Prius maintains a strong reputation for longevity and reliability, though it’s lost some of its green-car luster as of late.

What car gets 65 miles per gallon?

Ford’s ECOnetic Fiesta Gets 65 MPG. You Can’t Have One. WIRED.

What is Tesla MPGE?

That’s the best result we’ve ever seen. The 2020 Model 3 Standard Range Plus was at 241 MPGe (239 Wh/mi). The City efficiency at 150 MPGe: 225 Wh/mi (140 Wh/km) basically matches 2017-2019 Hyundai IONIQ Electric.

2021 Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus.

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