Best answer: Can you use fuel hose for transmission cooling lines?

Is fuel hose OK for ATF?

Fuel line will work for oil or atf. They also say if it is high pressure on the hose”fuel injection”. Just dont use vacuum hose. You will be fine with high pressure fuel line, but do not use the low pressure stuff.

How much psi should be in a transmission cooler line?

its about 20 pounds at most , if you do use rubber line make sure its for powersteering/transmission as regular rubber hose will soften and fail from the fluid type not the pressure , but like you I found the hard way that if a little of the line develops pinholes the whole line is shot , I replaced mine with stainless …

Do fuel lines work power steering?

If you’ve removed your PS then you shoould be fine with fuel hose and hose clamps.

What is fuel line made of?

Most fuel lines are made of reinforced rubber. This material is preferred for fuel lines since they prevent kinking and splitting. Ensure that you buy a fuel line material that can contain both fuel vapor and liquid fuel.

Can hydraulic hose be used for coolant?

Low-pressure hydraulic hoses withstand operating pressures to 300 psi. … They are found on low-pressure hydraulic applications and transmit petroleum-based fluids, diesel fuel, hot lubricating oil, air, glycol antifreeze, and water.

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Can I use rubber hose to repair fuel lines?

Yes, you can, but there are some hazards/risks involved with using rubber fuel line. Sealing is a problem when you don’t use hose fittings. Just slipping the hose on steel tube is asking for leaks, many times they are not visible. I recommend using double clamps and Hylomar sealant when not using hose fittings.

Which fuel line is the return line?

The top line is the return,…. when started, fuel gushed out from the motor side,….

Can you use heater hose for PCV?

4 Answers. Yes, you could use any fuel and oil resistant hose. They are typically made of silicone, polyurethane or rubber. This will ensure longevity of the replaced hose.