How parallel twin engines work?

Are parallel twin engines good?

There are three reasons for the resurgence of the parallel twin: They’re cost-effective to build, they’re versatile compared to triples and four-cylinders engines, and they pollute less than single-cylinder thumpers.

Why do parallel twins sound the same?

Some makers of parallel twins, wanting the more exotic sound of a V-twin, have phased their two crankpins at 270 degrees instead of the usual 360. This gives the same firing interval–and the very same sound–as a Ducati V-twin.

Why is a 270 degree twin?

A 270-degree crank imitates the sound and feel of a 90º V-twin, and there are other advantages. In contrast to the 360 and 180 parallel twins, the 270 crank gives a compromise that allows a more regular firing pattern than a 180-crank, and less vibration than a 360-crank.

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