Question: How do you convert an Evenflo car seat?

How do I convert my car seat to a booster?

Converting Your Car Seat

  1. Remove the car seat from your vehicle.
  2. Remove the five-point harness system by taking out all of the car seat’s straps. Usually, the straps are held in place at the back. …
  3. Re-install the seat as usual.
  4. Place your child in the seat and secure them with your vehicle’s seat belts.

When can I turn my Evenflo car seat forward?

Safety advocates recommend that children ride rear-facing as long as possible. Forward-facing, the Evenflo SafeMax All-in-One can be used for children at least one year old and 22 – 65 lbs (28 – 50 in).

How do you loosen the straps on an Evenflo car seat?

Loosen harness straps by pushing down metal harness release button at front of seat while pulling harness straps toward you. Push metal retainer from new buckle down through proper slot from top of seat. Pull up on buckle to be sure that it is secured in slot.

How do you remove a 5 point harness from an Evenflo car seat?

Unbuckle harness by tilting top of buckle down, pushing on top edge of red button, and pulling out buckle tongues. Loosen harness straps by pushing down on metal harness release button at front of seat while pulling straps upward from the hip slots. Fasten chest clip and adjust car seat to its fully-reclined position.

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When can you use a backless booster seat?

Backless booster seat age requirements: From the time kids surpass the weight or height limits allowed by their car seat to about 8 to 12 years of age (depending on the child’s size).

When can you convert to a booster seat?

School​-aged children—booster seats

All children whose weight or height exceeds the forward-facing limit for their car safety seat should use a belt-positioning booster seat until the vehicle seat belt fits properly, typically when they have reached 4 feet 9 inches in height and are 8 to 12 years of age.