Question: Is the 2jz a BMW engine?

What engine is a 2JZ out of?

The Toyota JZ engine family is a series of inline-6 automobile engines. A replacement for the M-series inline-6 engines, the JZ engines were 24-valve DOHC engines in 2.5- and 3.0-litre versions.

Toyota JZ engine
2JZ-GTE engine in a Toyota Supra (A80)
Manufacturer Toyota Motor Corporation
Production 1990–2007

Who designed the 2JZ?

His involvement with Lexus and Toyota is likely how the SC 300 received the renowned inline-6 2JZ-GE from the Mark IV Toyota Supra in a naturally aspirated format. Yaguchi previously worked on the development of the Toyota Chaser and all generations of the Toyota Supra.

Yukihiko Yaguchi
Significant design Toyota Supra

Is a 2JZ a V8?

However, there is no denying that the 2JZ can make some V8-like power when you find someone who can build a decent engine. Many engine builders known better for their V8 expertise in oval and endurance racing are building some of the best 2JZ engines in the US.

What does 2JZ stand for?

The rest of the 2JZ-GTE’s engine code goes like this: “JZ” is just the engine family, “G” stands for performance-oriented dual overhead cam setup, “T” stands for turbocharged and “E” means its electronically fuel injected.

Did Yamaha help with the 2JZ?

To the best of my recollection, Toyota developed the 2JZ-GTE and, as it is wont to do, sent off the head to Yamaha for massaging. The work done by Yamaha was productionized and here we are. As an aside, Yamaha developed the heads on the original Ford Taurus SHO.

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