Quick Answer: When can a kid sit without a car seat?

What age can a child sit in a car without a seat?

Children in cars, vans and other goods vehicles must be carried in an appropriate child restraint from birth until either they are 135cm (4’5″) tall or 12 years old, whichever comes first.

Does my 8 year old need a car seat?

Children must use a rear-facing seat until the they are 15 months old. … Children weighing more than 22kg and taller than 125cm can use a backless booster seat. Children of 12 years old or taller than 135cm do not need to use a child seat. Before this age or height they must do by law.

Can a 7 year old sit in the front seat?

Safety organizations take a stricter stance and recommend that children up to age ten and whose height is up to 145 cm ride in a booster seat in the back seat and sit in the front only when they reach age 13.

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