Quick Answer: Where are repulsion motor used?

What is the advantage of repulsion motor?

The advantage of repulsion motors is that the rotational speed can be varied within wide limits without the use of auxiliary apparatus. The motors have the disadvantage of being complicated in structure. Repulsion motors are used in low-power variable-speed single-phase AC drives.

What is repulsion start motor?

“The Repulsion Start Induction motor comprises a wound field or stator of laminated structure and a wound armature or rotor whose coils are connected to a commutator upon which brushes bear and function during the starting period. … Consequently this type of motor is regarded as having a high efficiency at start.

Which motor is used for blowers?

Induction motors — or (in the context of blowers in particular) often called by the more playful squirrel-cage motors (to avoid confusion with inducer-blower products). In fact, these motors are the most common used in blowers today, as they excel in high-horsepower blower and cooling-fan applications.

At what speed commutation of a repulsion motor is best?

The starting torque is about 2.5-3 times the full-load torque and its starting current is about 3-4 times the full-load current. The commutation of the motor is good at all speeds. No-load speed is above synchronous speed but normal speed is somewhat below synchronous one.

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Why compensating winding is used in a repulsion motor?

It is a modified form of the straight repulsion motor discussed above. It has an additional stator winding, called compensating winding whose purpose is (i) to improve power-factor and (ii) to provide better speed regulation.

What happens in the repulsion motor starting method?

Explanation: The repulsion motor starting method is one of the methods used in the starting of the single phase induction motor. Here the cage winding is replaced by the commutator windings. … The commutator windings are dominant and hence gives good starting torque.