What are the main vehicle systems?

What are automotive systems?

Automotive IT is any hardware or software designed to augment and support the experience of operating a motor vehicle. … Equipping automobiles with readily available information means redesigning features ranging from engine systems to central consoles in order to accommodate the evolution.

What is the most important vehicle system?

The following is a list of the major systems that make up the modern vehicle.

  • The Ignition System.
  • The Electrical System – including starting and charging.
  • The Exhaust System –including emission control.
  • The Drive Train – including the transmission.
  • The Suspension and Steering Systems.
  • The Brake System.
  • The Frame and Body.

What are 3 automotive safety systems?

Common Types of Vehicle Safety Devices

  • Adaptive cruise control systems.
  • Adaptive headlight control.
  • Airbag systems.
  • Anti-lock breaking systems.
  • Automated parking systems.
  • Automatic braking systems.
  • Backup cameras.
  • Cargo barrier systems.

Is a car a mechanical system?

If you’re interested in automotive mechanics, you’ll know that every vehicle is essentially a finely tuned machine. From Ferraris to Fords, under almost every convertible roof or shiny hood ornament are the same basic mechanical systems, all working to help the machine perform.

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What are the three major parts of an automotive computer system?

Terms in this set (3)

  • The sensors. Modify/produce electrical signals when there is a change.
  • The Control Module. Uses signals from sensors to control output devices.
  • Actuators. Output devices that can move parts when energized by control modules.

What are the 5 vehicle systems?

The 9 General Vehicle Systems

  • The Engine. …
  • The Fuel System. …
  • The Ignition System. …
  • The Electrical System. …
  • The Exhaust System. …
  • The Drive Train. …
  • The Suspension and Steering Systems. …
  • The Brake System.

What are the 10 major systems of the automobile?

The major systems of an automobile are the engine, fuel system, exhaust system, cooling system, lubrication system, electrical system, transmission, and the chassis. The chassis includes the wheels and tires, the brakes, the suspension system, and the body.

What are the two types of vehicle safety systems?

It is possible to distinguish two types of car safety features: crash avoidance systems and crash mitigation systems.

Which is the active primary safety system in a car?

Therefore, the safety system such as the Anti-lock Braking System or ABS belongs to the active safety. However, the airbags, seatbelts, and others safety features come into play during an accident.

What is automotive safety system?

Head-Up Display (HUD), Anti-Lock Braking Systems (ABS), Electronic Stability Control (ESC), Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS), Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS), Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), Driver Monitoring System (DMS), Blind Spot Detection (BSD) and Night Vision System (NVS) are common Active Safety …

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What are active safety systems in a vehicle?

An active safety system works to prevent an accident. … They include traction control, electronic stability control, and braking systems. These also include advanced driver assist systems that use sensors such as forward collision warning and lane departure warning, along with adaptive cruise control.