What engine is in my Subaru?

Is the EJ25 a good engine?

As is the case with most performance engines, the Subaru EJ25 is nowhere near perfect and has its fair share of issues. With all of its imperfections studied and properly sorted out however, the EJ25 can prove to be a reliable engine to enjoy performance driving with.

Is the EJ25 direct injection?

One of the biggest improvements in the new FA24 2.4-liter turbocharged engine over the EJ25 powerplant is the addition of direct fuel injection as opposed to the older version Port Injection in the 2.5-liter. Port injection places the fuel injector in the intake manifold upstream from the intake valve.

What cars have the EJ25?


  • 2006-2014 Subaru WRX.
  • 2004-Present Subaru STI.
  • 98-2011 Impreza.
  • 1996-2010 Legacy.
  • 1996-2012 Legacy GT.
  • 1996-2012 Outback.
  • 1998-2010 Forester.
  • 1998-2013 Forester XT.

Does Subaru have V6 engines?

The Subaru six-cylinder engines are a series of flat-6 engines manufactured by Subaru, a division of Fuji Heavy Industries, made in three distinct generations.

EZ30 and EZ36.

Subaru EZ engine
Manufacturer Subaru
Production 2001–2009 (EZ30) 2007–2019 (EZ36)
Configuration flat-6 petrol engine

What Subaru engines are bad?

The Subaru EJ25 2.5-liter Boxer is the engine that has experienced the most problems for the Japanese automaker. The gasket material they used in this engine was unreliable and Subaru attempted to correct the issue in 1999 with an updated multilayered metal shim gasket. But some 2001-2009 engines still had the problem.

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