What happens if you hit a car but no damage?

Is it possible to hit a car with no damage?

But even in the absence of visible damage, the vehicle could still be knocked out of alignment. This is rare in minor accidents with no apparent damage, but still possible.

Is it an accident if there is no damage?

Not Reporting a “No Damage” Accident May Cause You Bigger Damage! … Since there was no loss or damage, you just decided not to report the “no damage” accident to your insurance. Not the wisest idea. Not reporting an accident, even if no one’s car got damaged, may actually cause you bigger damage.

What happens if you hit a car and drove off?

What happens if you hit a parked car and drive off? If you don’t stop, you may well hear from the police. There could be CCTV or witnesses who can prove you were at the scene. … Otherwise, you could be prosecuted for careless driving, failing to stop and failing to report an accident.

What if someone hits my parked car?

Before you do anything – and I mean anything – you need to file a police report. … Even accidents that occur while your car is parked require a police report. If the damage to your car is so bad that you can’t drive it to the nearest police station – call 999 and they will come right to you.

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Should I call insurance if no damage?

Yes, you should call your insurance company after a minor accident. … The only time it might be worth skipping a call to your car insurance company is if you damaged only your own car, there are no injuries, and property damage is minimal.

Can you go to jail for scratching a car?

It is unlikely that you would go to jail. However, keep in mind that cameras are everywhere and although you are not sure, the eye in the sky is always watching. Don’t be surprised if you receive a notice saying that were seen and that you need to pay for the damages. If that happens, call your insurance company.