What is role of commutator in electric motor?

What is the role of commutator in electric motor Class 10?

Answer: The function of commutator or slip ring is to change the direction of current through the coil after every half rotation.

What does the commutator do?

Note: In a generator, a commutator results in an output of direct current. In a motor, the commutator converts incoming alternating current into direct current before using it to generate motion.

What is the function of commutator in electric motor Brainly?

The function of the commutator is to reverse the current in the core of the motor. The commutator consist of a conducting ring splits into half. They are connected to the power supply completing the circuit of the coil.

What is a commutator Class 10?

Commutator is an attachment, connected with the armature of a motor or dynamo, through which electrical connection is made and which ensures the current flows as direct current. a device for reversing the direction of flow of electric current.

What is the purpose of the commutator in an electric motor quizlet?

The purpose of a commutator is to repeatedly switch the poles of the electromagnet in the motor.

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What is the function of commutator in DC motor Mcq?

Commutator is used to convert AC current into DC current.

Can commutator convert AC to DC?

Commutator converts the Alternating to direct current in a DC generator. The alternating current generated in the armature windings of the generator gets converted to direct current after it passes through the commutator and the brushes.

What is the other name of commutator?

commutator; reverser; current-reverser; switch.

What is AC commutator motor?

In electric motor: Alternating-current commutator motors. A specially designed series-commutator motor may be operated from a single-phase alternating voltage supply. When the supply current reverses, both the magnetic field and the armature current are reversed. Thus, the torque remains in the same direction.