What vehicles do not need an MOT?

What year of car does not need an MOT?

When does a classic car become MOT exempt? Previously, the Department of Transport’s regulations stated that any car that has been manufactured earlier than 1960 did not need an MOT check. In May 2018, the rules were changed and now any vehicle that is older than 40 years no longer needs to be MOT tested.

Does my vehicle require an MOT?

Your car is obliged to have its first MOT after three years. Before then, there is no legal obligation to undergo testing. Check when your vehicle was registered for the exact date you’ll be due a test.

Is a 1980 car MOT exempt?

My car was first registered in 1980? When will it become MOT exempt? The good news is that the 40-year rule rolls so that if your car was first registered on 1 September 1981, for instance, you won’t need an MOT after September 1, 2021, and so on…

Do motorcycles over 40 years old need an MOT?

In May 2019, the MOT test for vehicles that were over 40 years of age was abolished. This means that vehicles, including motorcycles, are MOT and VED-exempt when they reach 40 years of age.

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Does a 1971 car need an MOT?

Classic cars more than 40 years old will no longer need an MoT… … Whereas before only cars first registered before 1960 were exempt from needing an MoT, the new rules apply to any car first registered more than 40 years ago – with some exceptions, which we’ll go into below.

Are police vehicles exempt from MOT?

A check for the police car seen in the image shows the vehicle’s MOT expired on April 5, 2021. But the post is missing important context. Under Regulation 6 (1) (xiv) of The Motor Vehicles (Tests) Regulations 1981, vehicles maintained in a government-approved workshop are exempt (here).

How long can you drive without MOT?

Is there ever a time I can drive without an MOT? The simple answer is, no, it’s illegal to drive without an MOT. If your vehicle is more than three years old, you can’t drive without an MOT unless you are driving to a pre-booked test at an authorised test centre.

How long is MOT exemption?

In May 2020 I announced that eligible vehicles would automatically be issued with a 12 month TEC. This ensured that vehicles whose existing MOT certificate expired from 26 March 2020 or will expire before they can book a test would be automatically exempt from testing for a full 12 months.

Are recovery trucks MOT exempt?

The only way that a recovery truck can be MOT exempt is if it is a purely spec lift and is not used for any purpose other than recovering disabled cars. Things that stop your truck legaly being MOT exempt.

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