Your question: What kV is a 13 5 motor?

What Kv is a 13.5 motor?

Like I said prior, my 13.5t is between about 3000-4000 kv, but thats just a general range.

How many Kv is 3.5 turns?

A speedpassion 3.5 has a Kv rating over 12000 while the LRP is under 10000. On the track they feel different but turn around the same results in lap times.

How many turn is a 3300kv motor?

3300 is 13.5 equiv if it were a Novak motor.

How do you convert KV to V?

kV (kilovolts) = One kilovolt (kV symbolized) is equal to one thousand volts (1 kV = 1000 V).

Table kilovolts to volts, conversion, equivalence, transformation :

kilovolts volts
How many is 600 kilovolt (kv) 600000 volts

What is a 540 size motor?

Those numbers refer to the motor diameter. 540 has a diameter of 36mm. 380 has a diameter ~28mm. 280 has a diameter of 24mm.

How many turns is a 4600kv motor?

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Technical Specs
Comparable Turn Count: Click here for 1406 Sensored Motor 2-Pole Turn-Count Equivalent Data Sheet

How many turns is a Tamiya 540?

have owned several of these motors over the years. nice step up from the standard 540 silver can included in Tamiya’s kits. these 25 turn motors have solid punch, good speed, run cool (if geared properly), and perhaps best of all – inexpensive…

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