Are all 4r100 transmissions the same?

Indiana v. Ford Motor Co.

What does a 4R100 transmission fit?

The 4R100 is a heavy-duty four-speed automatic transmission used in rear-wheel drive trucks that have a 7.3-liter diesel engine. … If you have a truck that needs to carry a heavy load, you can depend on the 4R100, which offers a step 2.71 first gear that is excellent for towing.

How do I identify a 4R100 transmission?

The AOD has a slash coming in on both front corners. The AODE 4R70W will have these two slashes on the two front corners as well as a circular indentation at the top left corner. Finally the E40D 4R100 maintains a rectangle type shape with a small rectangle chunk cut out from the front right corner.

Are all 4R100 the same?

The early ’99 4R100 had an on/off torque converter clutch solenoid. All other 4R100s had a PWM torque converter clutch solenoid. That makes the early ’99 unique and all others the same. They are NOT interchangeable.

Can you replace a 4R100 with a E4OD?

All E4OD pumps are completely interchangeable. In 1998, Ford intro- duced the 4R100; one of the four pumps made for this unit is inter- changeable with the E4OD pump — as a complete assembly.

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What vehicles have a 4R100 transmission?

4R100 Transmission Spotlight

  • the 1999 to 2004 Ford SVT Lightning high-performance truck,
  • the 2002 to 2003 Ford F-150 Harley Davidson Special Edition,
  • the 1999 to 2003 Ford F-250 and larger Super Duty trucks,
  • the 1999 to 2003 Ford Expedition SUV equipped with the 5.4-liter V-8,
  • the 2000 to 2003 Ford Excursion, and.

Is the 4R100 a good transmission?

The 4R100 is a computer controlled 4-speed automatic with a 1,000 lb-ft capacity from the factory. … However, like any high-mile automatic transmission, your 4R100 is sure to have some wear that should be addressed before you pump more power through it. Though it’s a good transmission, the 4R100 can be made be better.

What does 4R100 stand for?

What I know is 4=speeds, R=reverse, 100=it is rated to handle 1000lbs of torque.

What transmission do I have by Vin?

Simply write the VIN number down and you can then ask a dealership service department, auto repair shop, or auto parts retailer to help you identify the transmission. They’ll easily be able to find the specs by plugging the VIN number into the computer.

How do I know which Ford transmission I have?

Current Owners. You can find your vehicle’s transmission on your window sticker. It will be listed under Vehicle Description on top of the window sticker.

What years did Ford use the 4R100 transmission?

Ford 4R100 Transmission Specs

Transmission: Ford 4R100
Predecessor: E4OD
Model Years/Applications: 1999 -2003 Ford Super Duty w/ 7.3L Power Stroke diesel
Case Material: Aluminum
Max Input Torque*: 1000 lb-ft

How many miles will a 4R100 transmission last?

I consider the life of a 4R100 to be about 120K miles. If this truck you are looking at has 200K, them most likely it has had a new transmission at some point. I’ve heard of them lasting that long, but not very often. If it breaks, it will cost around 2000-2500 for a shop to rebuild it for you.

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What transmissions will fit a 7.3 Powerstroke?

Ford Automatic & Manual Transmission Ratios, Model Years

Transmission Type Model Years
4R100 4 spd auto 1999 – 2003 7.3L Power Stroke
5R110W (TorqShift) 5 spd auto 2003 – 2010 6.0L & 6.4L Power Stroke
6R140 (TorqShift) 6 spd auto 2011 – current 6.7L Power Stroke
ZF S6-650 6 spd manual 1999 – 2003 7.3L Power Stroke