Frequent question: What is another word for bumper?

What is the other name of bumper?

In this page you can discover 11 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for bumper, like: protector, fender, shield, sideskirts, sticker, , hard-top, hardtop, cover, guard and defense.

What does the slang word bumper mean?

(colloquial) Anything large or successful (now usually attributively). … (colloquial) Large; filled to the bumpers at the top of a silo.

What does bumber mean?

Umbrellas have plenty of nicknames. … As with most slang terms, the origins of “bumbershoot” are a bit foggy, but it appears that the “bumber” is a modification of the “umbr-” in “umbrella” and the “shoot” is an alteration of the “-chute” in “parachute” (since an open parachute looks a little like an umbrella).

What does bumper issue mean?

unusually large; producing an unusually large amount. a bumper issue (= of a magazine, etc.)

What does whopping mean?

: extremely large also : extraordinary, incredible.

What type of noun is bumper?

bumper used as a noun:

A drinking vessel filled to the brim. Anything large or successful (now usually attributively). Parts at the front and back of a vehicle which are meant to absorb the impact of a collision. Any mechanical device used to absorb an impact, soften a collision, or protect against impact.

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What is a bumper in drugs?

Ketamine (ketamine hydrochloride) is a white powder, usually sold in ‘bumps’ or grams. A ‘bump’ is a small amount of powder which is snorted through a small glass inhaler called a bumper. Ketamine can also be swallowed, smoked, or injected. Ketamine is commonly used by veterinarians to sedate animals such as horses.

Is Bummer a bad word?

Bummer, meaning depressing, is not even remotely a swear word in American English. It’s not even impolite, probably because we don’t use “bum” to mean rear end. (We use butt or ass — the first is impolite but more or less acceptable, and the second is much cruder.)

What is a bumper in video?

What are video Bumpers? Video bumpers are short (usually 10 seconds or less) video clips that typically show the brand or company that your video represents. … For example, if you are a marketing consultant, then you might have a bumper clip that introduces your name with graphics and music playing in the background.

What is Radio bumper?

Bumper music, or a bump, is a term used in the radio broadcasting industry to refer to short clips of signature songs or theme music used to buffer transitions between programming elements, typically lasting no longer than fifteen seconds.

What is a bumper year?

bigger or more successful than usual. It’s been a bumper year for car sales.

Who is a bummer?

(slang) One that depresses, frustrates, or disappoints. … The definition of a bummer is slang for something undesirable, unpleasant or annoying, or is slang for a bad reaction to a drug, or is a lazy person who hangs around all day without a job or purpose.

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