Frequent question: What is the price of submersible motor?

What is the cost of 7.5 hp submersible pump?

Buy Crompton 7.5HP V6 Submersible Pump, 6W3H7. 5, Head: 14-27 m Online At Price ₹41214.

What is the cost of 1 motor?

J D Automation

The price of Single Phase Electric Motor products is between ₹5,000 – ₹6,000 per Piece during Nov ’20 – Oct ’21.

What is the capacity of 1.5 hp submersible pump?

1.5 Hp Single Phase V4 submersible pump, Capacity: 15 To 50 M

Motor Horsepower 1.5 Hp
Motor Phase Single Phase
Discharge Outlet Size 50 mm or 2 inch
Capacity 15 to 50 m
Maximum Discharge Flow 100 – 500 LPM

Which submersible pump 1.5 HP is best?

List of Top 10 Best Submersible Pumps Available in India at Lowest Possible Prices

  • #6)Prakash 1 HP single-phase borewell pump.
  • #7)Jindal 1 HP power single-phase oil-filled borewell pump.
  • #8)Kirloskar Kosi 0.5 HP Openwell Submersible Pump.
  • #9)MX Volt 1.5 HP single phase submersible pump.
  • #10)Iflo oil-filled submersible pump.

How much current does a 7.5 hp motor draw?

AC Motor Full Load Amperes

HP 200 Volts 208 Volts
7.5 25.3 24.2
10 32.2 30.8
15 48.3 46.2
20 62.1 59.4

What is the flow rate of 7.5 HP pump?

CRI DP-7 (7.5 hp) Submersible Water Pump (7.5 hp)

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Brand CRI
Model Name DP-7 (7.5 hp)
Type Submersible
Usage Type Domestic
Flow Rate 60 Lpm

How much power does a 7.5 hp motor consume?

How much power does a 7.5 hp motor consume? Let us assume that motor is operating at full load so it will consume 7.5 hp or 5.59 or 5.6 kW approx. Let us assume motor has efficiency of 90 %, motor at full load gives around 90 % efficiency, so the power input to motor is 5.6/0.9=6.22 kW.

What is 1HP motor?

The horsepower (hp) is a unit in the foot-pound-second ( fps ) or English system, sometimes used to express the rate at which mechanical energy is expended. It was originally defined as 550 foot-pounds per second (ft-lb/s). A power level of 1 hp is approximately equivalent to 746 watt s (W) or 0.746 kilowatt s (kW).

Which is the best motor?


Automaker Engine displacement Engine detail
Chrysler 3.0 L (183 In³) VM Motori L630 DOHC Turbocharged diesel
Fiat Electric 83 kW (111 hp) synchronous motor
Ford 1.0 L (61 In³) 1.0L EcoBoost DOHC Ti-VCT Turbocharged
General Motors 2.0 L (122 In³) GM Family B LUZ DOHC Turbocharged diesel