How do you adjust the direction on a Minn Kota trolling motor?

Why is my Minn Kota trolling motor spinning backwards?

If the air coming from the propeller is being pushed toward your hand like a fan, your trolling motor is running correctly. If you don’t feel any air, put your hand on the other side of the propeller. If you feel any air being pushed at you there, your trolling motor is spinning backward.

Can you reverse the head on a Minn Kota trolling motor?

Yes, by removing the screw and nut at the base of the control box the control box can be turned 180 degrees on the motor tube, then reinstall the locating screw and nut (being careful not to pinch or damage the motor wires inside the tube), tighten the screw and nut as required, and the job is complete.

How do you troubleshoot a Motorguide trolling motor?

Start by inspecting your electrical system to ensure power is reaching the motor. Check the connections at the battery terminals and the trolling motor. Clean battery posts with a wire brush when you discover corrosion and grime. Check the voltage on the battery, and replace if the battery will not hold a full charge.

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Can you adjust shaft length Minn Kota?

Yes, in some cases but to maintain the warranty on your motor we recommend it be done by an Authorized Minn Kota Repair Center. Some models cannot have the shafts shortened.

How do you adjust the shaft length on a trolling motor?

Measure down from the mounting surface of the transom or bow to the water level. Add 5″ to waterline measurement for fishing in rough water. Add 12″ to waterline measurement for steering a hand control motor while standing. Use this measurement and the tables below to find the appropriate trolling motor shaft length.

Why does my trolling motor only work in reverse?

The motor is a DC unit, reverse is achieved by switching the polarity ( positive and negative) going down to the motor in the housing in front of the prop. If you have reverse you didn’t fry the unit, and should be an easy fix to find and repair forward.

Which way should my trolling motor spin?

Move the arrow on the head 180 degrees. After seeing the above post, would like some clarification. If you have the trolling motor stowed and turn it on, look at the prop in the direction it’s spinning, is it going clockwise or counter clockwise. It should be going counter clockwise.